Brandade de Morue

Languedoc-Roussillon is as gastronomically diverse as its landscapes. To give you a comprehensive look at all the products would make this post a mile – well ok not that long – but way too long to get through. So, I’ve decided to make a few bite-sized posts that will concentrate on one départment at a time.

Pack up your appetite as we head to the Gard, Camargue and Cévennes:

Brandade de Nîmes
Brandade is basically mashed salted cod blended with olive oil. In some regions the cod is mixed with potatoes and garlic but not in Nîmes.

Pastries of Nîmes
These were first served in the 1800’s. A mixture of veal and pork is covered with pastry and baked. They are served hot. Best place in Nîmes to try this delicacy? At Christoper Brunetti’s bakery in Les Halles.

Picholine Olive
This olive grown around Nîmes is harvested in September and has been granted an AOP.

Camargue bull stew

Gardianne de Taureau

Camargue Salt
“Fleur de Sel” of Camargue makes everything taste better! Be sure to pick up a few for yourself and as gifts.

Camargue Rice
This is the only region that produces rice in France. Be sure to be on the lookout for the red variety ~ riz rouge de Camargue.

Gardianne de Tareau
This is a rich stew made from the meat of the Camargue bulls. Many times it is served with the rice of the Camargue.

Other products worth tasting

Gariguette – strawberries from Nîmes

Sand asparagus – Look for them in the spring. Grown in the Petite Camargue and the Gard

Cévennes sweet onions – served in salads and along with meats

Cévennes chestnuts – Historically, these chestnuts were a main source of food for the inhabitants of the area. They are used to make flour, bread, in soups and roasted and grilled. Try to find some flour to bring home.

Bonne continuation et bon appétit!