Join us on our travels as we share experiences inspired by places, people, and the products that bring pleasure to the palate…a distinct connection between the land, culture and traditions.

Through our travels, we honor the special foods that are unique to a destination. We love what we do and – Oh! The Places We Go! – we want to pass that excitement on to our readers by combining our love and passion for all things French.

Follow French Food Travels, where we look at food as a form of art as well as recreation!

Debra and Kathy design culinary tours in France for Tour de Forks.

Debra FiorittoDebra Fioritto, a Certified France Destination Specialist, is a winner of the 2006 Culinary Trust’s Julia Child Endowment Fund Scholarship and specializes in travel and tours to France’s government-designated gastronomic taste monuments. She is an expert in the history, legend and lore of French Cuisine. She has eaten her way through most of the regions of France and is always in search of the perfect mariage of two food products. Debra has a degree in French and International Relations and has traveled and lived throughout Europe.

Kathy MortonKathy Morton, is a Certified France Destination Specialist and a Western Europe Culinary Travel Specialist who is passionate about all aspects of travel – especially creating culinary tours – and sharing in all the pleasures of food, wine and culture. A former French Professor at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro and High Point University, she now enjoys participating in cooking courses throughout France, including the Cordon Bleu and the Ecole Ritz Escoffier in Paris. She is a co-recipient of the Culinary Trust’s Julia Child Endowment Fund Scholarship for travel in France and a member of the International Culinary Tourism Association and the American Institute of Food and Wine. She is a member of the Slow Food Movement and works closely with local Offices of Tourism throughout France as well as Atout France, the France Tourism Development Agency.

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